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The Electrician You Can Trust for Quality Results

Since 2005, Basin Electrical has provided top-quality electrical and networking services to homeowners and business owners in and around Farmington, New Mexico. When locals need an electrician, whether for repairs, installation or maintenance, they call us to handle all their electrical work.

We at Basin Electrical pride ourselves on providing the best residential and commercial electrical services we possibly can to help keep the most necessary for installations running like a dream for many years to come. And with our experience and know-how, you can be SURE that the team at Basin Electrical will be able to provide nothing BUT the best work!

Whether you need any electrical repairs, replacements, or installations, you can count on us at Basin Electrical to get your electrical components working like a dream and to keep them working that way for many years to come.

But our area of expertise doesn’t end at electrical work. Indeed, we at Basin Electrical can also provide your home or business with fast, reliable Internet thanks to our computer networking and fiber optic cable services.

Your home or business is the most important investment you’ll make. To be sure that you get the most and the BEST use out of that investment, be sure to provide it with top-quality electrical and Internet work. And if you live in or around Farmington, then the best work for you comes from the pros at Basin Electrical.

If you are in the market for top-quality electrical and Internet services in and around the Farmington area, then don’t hesitate to call the pros at Basin Electrical today!

Reliable Electrical Repairs

Of all the components that keep your home or business running, your electrical setup is the one that you’ll subject to perhaps the greatest and most constant use. And this constant use comes at a pretty hefty toll over time: wear and tear and the breakdowns that often accompany them. If your electrical setup has suffered from years of use, don’t panic. We at Basin Electrical can get your electrical setup running like new again and KEEP it running that way with our top-quality electrical repair services!

Electrical Wiring Repairs, Replacement & Installation

What is your electrical setup without your electrical wiring? Well, it’s about the same as your body without your veins -- that is to say, USELESS. To be sure that your electrical setup continues to be usable and USEFUL, be sure to maintain an absolute top-quality electrical wiring system. And the best way to do that? Why, by calling up Basin Electrical for all your electrical wiring needs, of course! We at Basin Electrical have the experience and the know-how to get and keep your electrical wiring working like a dream!

Home Generators

Electricity is vital to maintain. There are many things you can and, indeed, NEED to do in order to maintain your electrical setup. You pay your power bill on time, get your electrical setup inspected routinely and repaired when need be, and so forth. But sometimes, life takes your electricity away no matter what you do -- with storms and such that knock out power lines. Still, even in such situations, you can maintain reliable electricity with a home generator provided by the electrical pros at Basin Electrical!

electrical repairs farmington nm


You can always count on our electricians for reliable electrical repairs for your home and business.

You’ll use your electrical setup pretty much constantly. After all, at any given time of the day or night, it’s likely that you’ll find yourself using SOMETHING that needs electricity: lights, fans, appliances -- plus your HVAC system that runs continuously.

And over time, this constant use can lead to one thing: wear and tear. And this wear and tear can lead to breakdowns with your electrical system, leaving you without the vital power you need to keep your home or business running smoothly and safely.

Should your electrical setup be in need of any work, don’t hesitate to call on the experts at Basin Electrical today for a quick and quality electrical repair. Whether the problem is big or small, you can count on the pros at Basin Electrical to get your electrical setup working like new again and to KEEP it working that way with a quality electrical repair!

Your electrical setup will endure constant use, meaning it will endure constant wear and tear that can ultimately lead to breakdowns. Should a breakdown affect your electrical setup, don’t panic. Just call up the experienced electricians at Basin Electrical today, and we’ll get your electrical setup repaired and working like a dream in no time flat!

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electrical wiring farmington nm


When it comes to electrical wiring, our team has the skills and resources to install, repair and replace most setups.

Wiring is to your electrical setup as veins are to your body -- that is to say, it’s absolutely VITAL.

Indeed, without electrical wiring, all of your expensive devices and appliances are little more than costly hunks of plastic that take up space in your home. But you didn’t pay for all of those devices just so they could take up room, and you CERTAINLY don’t expect to live in a home or run a business that lacks power!

But your home or business could certainly find itself without power should your electrical wiring experience any issues. And since your electrical setup will be used constantly, issues are quite likely, as constant use can result in wear and tear that can result in breakdowns.

If your electrical wiring is having any problems, don’t hesitate to call the experts at Basin Electrical today for quick, top-quality electrical wiring work. We can replace old wiring that has failed to do its vital job of supplying your home and devices with their much-needed electricity.

And should you be BUILDING a new home or business, you can rely on Basin Electrical to provide it with quality NEW wiring that will keep it powered and running like a dream for many years to come!

Your electrical wiring is one of the most vital components within your entire home. To get the best work and longest lifespan out of your electrical wiring, you need to call on experienced and reliable electricians for all of your electrical wiring work.

And the best electricians for you are the experienced folks at Basin Electrical! Don’t hesitate: If your electrical wiring needs ANY work, just call us today, and you can be enjoying top-quality electrical wiring in your home or business in no time flat!

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electrical services farmington nm


Whatever residential electrical work you need done, you can count on our professionals for reliable, high quality results.

Your home is your castle, and indeed, it’s just about the most central place in your entire life. After all, your home is where you keep your food, your furniture, and your family. So it makes sense that you’d expect to spend much of your time there.

It also makes sense that you’d expect to make your home just about the safest and most convenient place in your entire life. A great way to ensure that your home is convenient is by having a top-quality electrical setup within it. And a great way to ensure that your home is safe is by having that electrical setup worked on by experienced and reliable electricians.

And for you as a resident in or around Farmington, the most reliable electrician for you is the folks at Basin Electrical.

We at Basin Electrical. have been in the electrical business for well over a decade now, and in all that time, we have mastered the best way to provide you and your home with the best electrical work possible!

One of the top-quality residential electrical services we offer is electrical repairs. Indeed, you can expect to put your home’s electrical setup to some SERIOUS use over time. All of this use, of course, can wear on your home’s electrical setup, resulting in wear and breakdowns over time.

Should your home’s electrical setup be needing any kind of work, just call on the experts at Basin Electrical., and we’ll get it working like new again in a pinch with a quick, quality electrical repair!

But we don’t just fix existing electrical setups; we can also install NEW ones! If you are building a new home, you can rely on the pros at Basin Electrical. to provide that new home with a great new electrical setup that will work like a dream for many years to come!

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new construction electrical installation farmington


Electrical installation work for new construction projects is a specialty of ours, and we'll ensure your system is right from the start.

Though we at Basin Electrical. pride ourselves on being able to provide you with top-quality electrical repairs and rewirings, we don’t ALWAYS provide electrical work on existing buildings. We also provide NEW electrical work for NEW buildings!

Indeed, if you are building a new home or business, then you’ll need to have a quality electrical setup installed in it to ensure that it works efficiently and economically for many years to come. And to get just that kind of electrical setup, call up the experienced electricians at Basin Electrical.!

We at Basin Electrical. have the experience and the dedication to top-quality work to promise you nothing but the best when it comes to your electrical setup. You’ll get top-quality wiring to ensure that all of your electrical components can be ran efficiently and reliably for many years to come, and we’ll even be sure to provide you with the best lighting layout for your building’s design and your needs.

And we make it our mission to ensure that you get only the best work when it comes to your new construction, so with Basin Electrical., you can be sure you’ll be getting a great, long-lasting electrical setup that will give you quality service for many years to come in your newly constructed home or business!

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lighting farmington nm


Call our professionals for expert home lighting services. We install landscape lighting, security lighting, pool lighting and more.

You’ll spend much of your time in your home. After all, your home is where you go to sleep every night, wake up every morning, make your meals, do your cleaning, and generally live your life and raise your family.

So since you’ll be spending so much of your life in your home, it makes sense that your home should be just about the most comfortable place in your life. Nobody likes discomfort, and if you’re going to be spending much of your time in one place, you might want to be sure to eliminate ALL traces of discomfort within it.

And for your home, a great way to ensure that it remains as comfortable as can be is to ensure that it has top-quality lighting. While lighting might not be the first thing you think of when you consider comforts, it certainly shouldn’t be overlooked.

After all, if your home’s lighting is dim, you might find yourself struggling to see within it, making it difficult to cook, clean, read, and generally enjoy yourself. And if your home’s lighting is too harsh, you could feel decidedly uncomfortable in your own home much of the time.

If your home’s lighting leaves you feeling less than absolutely comfortable and content in your own home, then call on the lighting experts at Basin Electrical. today. We at Basin Electrical. have the experience and the know-how to provide you with the best residential lighting to make your home the most comfortable it can be!

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electrical remodeling farmington nm


If you're planning a remodeling project that involves any type of electrical work, give our experts a call for the most reliable results.

Is your home starting to show its age? Are you feeling ho-hum every time you come home to the same look every day? If you are, then you might consider getting a remodeling done on your home!

And while you’re busy making your home LOOK new, you might as well take the time to get it to FUNCTION like new. And a great way to do that is to get an electrical remodeling.

An electrical remodeling can get your electrical setup working like brand new again in no time flat. Your old, worn-out wiring and electrical components can be scrapped and replaced with top-quality new ones that will get your home functioning better than ever before with an electrical remodeling by the pros at Basin Electrical.!

Seeing the same home day in and day out can get a little ho-hum, but living with an old, worn-out electrical setup can just plain be headache-inducing. Don’t live with either of these problems. Just call up Basin Electrical. today for a thorough electrical remodeling that will get your home functioning like a dream and KEEP it functioning that way for many years to come!

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